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You must be 18 years or older to submit to this web site.

Contribute to Ifeelmyself "Home Made"

...and join a very special enclave of sex positive goddesses. is one of the very few adult sites where you can express yourself erotically, be treated respectfully and appreciated for the goddess that you surely are! IFM is a Feck website - click the link to find out what we stand for.

We celebrate the beauty of female pleasure. On IFM we publish videos of women pleasuring themselves (or sometimes pleasured by a partner) where they are indulging themselves without performing for the sake of the viewer. It's all natural, internally focused masturbation. It's highly erotic, but also educational - we frequently receive emails from women, and men, thanking us for helping them understand the female sexual process and how to induce better orgasms in themselves and their partners.

All contributions accepted receive US$350 PLUS per-click bonuses through our Feckshare[1] system, and a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to Ifeelmyself[2]. One contribution to IFM can earn you potentially over $1000[3] and you can also earn commissions by referring members to Ifeelmyself using your unique code. But don�t do it for the money - do it because the world needs more beautiful erotic imagery to overshadow the shallow porn that proliferates on the internet.

Ifeelmyself contributors are chosen from appearances on our other site, If you haven't already, please submit a video set to Agony before filling in the enquiry form here.

Ifeelmyself has a high technical standard.

All contributions must be in High Definition (1080). Webcams and phone cameras are not acceptable. Sound must be clear (Microphones in most cameras are acceptable as long as there is low background noise). Shooting must be done in bright light (daylight). Room lighting is NOT good enough.

Ifeelmyself has specific requirements.

We are a genuine amateur website, looking for contributions from people who aren't part of the adult industry. We are only interested in genuine, unscripted, natural masturbation scenes filmed entirely by you, just the way you'd do it if there were no camera.

We aren't looking for agents or porn producers - please don't offer us content or pimp your girlfriend out here.

We don't guarantee to accept every submission. If it meets our technical standards and does not seem to be put-on, we will probably accept it, but sometimes our requirements vary.

Contributing to Ifeelmyself is easy - fill in the enquiry form and we'll contact you with all the details!
1. Full details about the Feckshare system can be found at
2. Initial membership is 30 days but will be renewed indefinitely if you're active in our community.
3. Based on shoot payment plus estimated Feckshare earnings for a popular video over 12 months.

Must be 18+
Age identification required


Owned and operated by Feck NL BV is a FECK ethical erotica website.
All contributors are 18 or over.
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