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Studio: Filmed in the IFM studio where conditions are perfect for ladies to relax and indulge themselves, while multiple camera angles and sensitive microphones capture every detail. The ladies are alone while they masturbate in the studio the way they want - unscripted and undirected. (Like all IFM movies.)

Home Made: Filmed in the lady's own home, usually, where she's comfortable and accustomed to pleasuring herself. We use the same professional equipment as in the Studio so you're assured of extremely high quality. Some Home Made videos are submitted by girls in remote places, usually filmed on a High Def handycam, so the quality is still very good but there's only one angle; becuase they have the flexibility of filming in their own time when they are most ready for a powerful climax, these are often very visceral and intense videos.

Fantasy and Adventure: Orgasms don't just happen at home! Many girls like to masturbate in nature, in the workplace, abandoned spaces etc. We work with them to film new situations they've fantasized about, or places where they already masturbate. We haul our pro gear out on location but when it comes time to get down to it, we leave them alone to relax and do what they love. So there is no crew to put them off and no director telling them what to do.

Up Close: Filmed in the studio as a montage of mostly very close compositions, highlighting the subtle changes that happen during masturbation and offering the most detailed view possible. From the subtle stiffening of a nipple to intense pelvic contractions, you won't miss a thing!

Video Diary: We give the girl/lady a high-def camcorder to take home, and over the space of several weeks she documents her masturbation, while giving us insight into what's happening in her life. These are fascinating and often very intimate videos.

Lucubrations: It's a big word but not as scary as it sounds; these are indepth interviews with the ladies in which they talk frankly about all sorts of things, including of course sex, masturbation, and orgasm.

Loose Ends: Sometimes while filming for IFM we happen to capture sexy, pretty, hot or otherwise interesting footage which doesn't include masturbation to orgasm, but you'll want to see it anyway so we put it here :)

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