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The aim of ifeelmyself is simple: to take the female orgasm out of the realm of porn theatre, and present it in the erotic context it deserves. Our contributors are ordinary women who agree with our philosophy, and presentation, to the extent they're prepared to share their authentic orgasms with the cameras - and with you.

There are currently 3170 videos on ifeelmyself. We update at least 5 times per week and all our content is 100% exclusive, produced by us just for this site.
Our Studio shoots offer the most intimate lighting and crystal clear, detailed sound available anywhere on the web.
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Often, our contributors ask us if they can PLEASE shoot with another girl - usually a friend they've had a crush on, sometimes a regular play partner or girlfriend. While a little bit off-topic, many of our subscribers tell us our 'Friends' videos are the hottest content on Ifeelmyself.
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All videos are shot with pro-grade, triple CCD cameras and cinema-grade stereo microphones (except the Video Diary category, and some Home Made videos). Since we started this site in March 2006, we've been described as 'genius', 'the best erotic site on the web, without exception' and 'a new beginning to the history of erotica'. Watch the samples below, read what they're saying on our Forum, then head over to the Join Page to find out what all the fuss is about!
Our contributors love masturbating outdoors, so we follow them with the same professional equipment to capture their experiences in exquisite detail.
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Ifeelmyself isn't just about young women - Lydia is one of our all time most popular contributors, and when you watch this you'll see why!
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Apart from the outstanding technical quality, what sets Ifeelmyself apart from the rest of the web - and makes our competitors envious - is the relaxed, confident and candid demeanour of our contributors. All the ladies on Ifeelmyself are here because they want to be, because they love our Ethical Porn values, and the way the site is presented. What you won't see here are bored porn stars going through the motions.
Nowhere else on the web will you find videos as raw and intimate as our Video Diaries. Selected contributors are invited to take a hi-def handycam for a couple of months and record their intimate thoughts and orgasms, in their own space and time.
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If you haven't already, check out our Show Reel, featuring some highlights from the Hi-def era (from 2009) of Ifeelmyself.
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Ifeelmyself is a FECK ethical erotica website - The home of socially responsible erotica

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Owned and operated by Feck NL BV is a FECK ethical erotica website.
All contributors are 18 or over.
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