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The aim of ifeelmyself is simple: to take the female orgasm out of the realm of porn theatre, and present it in the erotic context it deserves. Our contributors are ordinary women who agree with our philosophy and presentation to the extent they're prepared to share their authentic orgasms with the cameras. Many also participate in a frank interview ('lucubrations'), some film their orgasms at home ('home made'), and at least once a week we go on location to shoot a contributor's fantasy scenario, or re-enact an unusual masturbation experience; all the orgasm sequences are absolutely genuine, unscripted and shot in documentary style, mostly with multiple camera angles.

Ellie K


All videos are shot in 4K and since May 2018 released in Full HD (1920x1080), using cinema-grade stereo microphones (except the Home Made category). Since we started this site in March 2006, we've been described as 'genius', 'the best erotic site on the web, without exception' and 'a new beginning to the history of erotica'. Watch the samples below, read what they're saying on our Forum, then head over to the Join Page to find out what all the fuss is about. See you on the other side!

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There are currently 6635 videos on ifeelmyself. We update at least 5 times per week and all our content is 100% exclusive, produced by us just for this site.


"I just watched Charlotte V's UpClose and I don't think I've ever watched a more erotic video. It was just so fantastic for me. It felt personal. It felt like I was there, close to her, watching this beautiful display... I could almost smell the erotic scents, almost place my lips on her skin. IFM -- you guys rock with the photography here and surpass anything that would be considered pornography. This is truly erotic art -- the upclose photography."   ›› lockrivers

"An efficiently operated site with no technical difficulties, most skilfully presenting a difficult subject delicately and artistically."   ›› cavebare

"I joined this marvellous site only a few days ago and I have to tell you all, lady contributors, how grateful I feel towards you. To offer us all with such tremendous and amazing videos is something unforgettable for me... No matter what is/are your motivation(s) for allowing us to witness your most intimate moments, I am deeply moved inside with what I get to watch in here. And I thank you all so much, for doing that!"   ›› linstrumentiste

"Work of art for sure; sensuous and exhibitionistic, generous women as well; a dedicated team which I would luv to be part of... You may be "Down Under", you're still "High Above" anything else that I saw in seven years onto Internet..."   ›› Lin

"From the bottom of my heart, I can only express my utmost appreciation for this site, the lovely ladies who present their videos, and those that support them. I have been a voyeur since I was a kid, and had always felt ashamed and guilty. My biggest dream was to watch a women please herself. I have watched my past partners do it, but never in a setting as these are. You are incredible and I Thank All of you."   ›› Bigrig192

"I just wanted to echo what I think are the feelings of the majority of us who have joined this site. You have successfully, tastefully and very erotically captured what may very well be the most beautiful sight on our planet, the female orgasm. Some members might take exception to this statement but the orgasm that a woman can give herself from her own manipulations is probably her most intense."   ›› mcman

"ifeelmyself is world wide the one and only absolute best erotic page. It's not possible to find a better, hotter sexy and more erotic site on the whole world wide web. Thanks BA and IFM team."   ›› kypris

"It was Frank, my husband, who subscribed after we'd both enjoyed the contributions at BA. But I must admit that this site is a marvel in its own right. Never before I've seen this free exploration of female sexuality, performed with so much intensity and true joy, and filmed in a most tasteful, sensual way. This has been the one and only instance that we've seen REAL sensual sex on camera. Thank you so much for your initiative, and a warm embrace for the women who have the courage and inner freedom to show us their intimate moments!"   ›› Marian and Frank, The Netherlands

"Wonderful web site, beautiful ladies, true pleasure..."   ›› vkraft

"I am glad this site came along as it is exactly what I was looking for. Over the years I became disenchanted with models masturbating because I knew it wasn't real, especially when you hear the cameraman giving directions. My heartfelt thanks to the people who made this site possible and do the work, and my lifelong adoration to the girls who are the biggest part of making this possible."   ›› ashmedi

"My compliments to ifeelmyself for some incredibly beautiful videos. The pure and natural sharing of the female orgasm is so breathtaking, so beautiful."   ›› Espen

"I'd just like to tell the owner, administrators and crew of just how amazed I am at their work. This site is the exact bringing to life of my deepest fantasy. Looking at beautiful girls pleasuring themselves. The layout is very nice, the feel of the site is awesome and the girls are amazing. But most of all, it's not porn. It's natural. If you guys can manage to keep it this way, I'll be a member for life. Kudos again and keep up the good work."   ›› marcode

"I happened upon this site by chance and, with most things serendipitous, it brought pleasure and a deep feeling of profound beauty. For the human being, to my mind, is a thing of beauty in emotion, in mind and in body when given the freedom to let its imagination fly and, being a philogynist, to have this portrayed visually by women is most wonderful! Congratulations! I shall treasure the expression of the sights I am privileged to bear witness to in gratitude for they touch my soul."   ›› sensualmaitre

"I've been a member for a little over a week and can't think of any other adult web site more oriented and focused toward the erotica. Your creation displays a broad range of style, a sense of excitement, and exceptionally good taste. You have my compliments... To me, there is nothing more exciting and sexually stimulating then seeing a woman's body during orgasm! Good job guys and girls! All other adult sites are poor imitations, cheap, tawdry, and haven't a clue as to what they are doing."   ›› David J

"I have never seen anything so erotic and praise what you guys are doing. The female orgasm is the most amazing thing and to have beautiful women crossing that erotica is amazing. I can't word it enough. Thank you."   ›› briitany

"Wow, the Universe works in strange and wonderful ways. I just knew there would be a great site like yours someplace on the net. What a thought regular folks having regular orgasms. Now that's erotic and it appeals to the voyeur in all of us. I can finally stop wasting my time and money elsewhere, you are now my official site for my autoerotic fixes. I bless you for this and I will bless every wonderful person sharing their innermost secret selves that I will be making love with on the screen of my brand new Mac. You are wonderful"   ›› Kevan W

"So much of the internet is taken up by horrible pornography, filled with disgusting people treating sex distatesfully... I can't even begin to speak of how disgusted I am with the treatment of women or men as tools and toys. Other websites truly take on the defintion of Pornography... Your site, however... treats sex artistically, and adds so much more. Seeing women truly enjoying sex is rare. Your models are exquisite, and you truly know how to make real women as beautiful as they are. Unlike most other pornography sites, I don't feel dirty after visiting. This is not porn. Nothing this tastefully done deserves to be catagorized in the same genre as filth. Erotic art, yes."   ›› anon.

"Wow!   Thankyou - what a fantastic idea - wonderfully beautiful sensitive sensual truthful erotic uninhibited ... - I could go on forever - I absolutely love it. This is the first site I have seen of its kind - long awaited for, and the first I have ever been drawn to actually paying for.. and its worth it.   Many congratulations I wish you every success long may you continue with many happy orgasmic hours of pleasure for us all! "   ›› David

"Just some positive feedback! BRAVO for this site, and what appear to be your sister sites. The internet seems so overloaded with skanky pornography that shows a bunch of pumped up fakes and abusive fellows. I never would have thought that a site featuring only women masturbating would become my new favorite. Very artistically done, and with REAL, beautiful women! Thanks so much!"   ›› Steve

"I have only recently subscribed but I would like to say that what you have created is truely beautiful work. The cinematography, lighting and sound are excellent. The editing is understated which is difficult to achieve but less is definitely more! ...I would never dream to subscribe to a porn site but this is different. It is erotic but also so passionate. It is great to see that the models are normal people (well pretty, but normal!)... Maybe others will copy the qualities that you have perfected to create other sites on different sex related subjects to create a revolution in the porn industry. How-about that - you could be creating a sexual revolution!"   ›› Ironbath

"Congratulations! what you have achieved is art, pure erotic art with a capital A. Deep deep captivating arousing and absolutely frustrating ;-) art. Bravo! "

"I just wanted to say that this site, and your other two, are fantastic. They are so elegant and well done, so intimate, and beautiful. They are a huge turn on, especially IFM. I don't understand why other sites have to be so unreal, fake, and disrespectful to women. You have done something quite amazing. I would love to know what you have planned next? Any thoughts of doing things live, or connecting users in some way?"   ›› John

"This is without a doubt the best shit I've ever witnessed in my life. You all are genius. This is the definition of erotica. Seriously. Y'all deserve a frickin award. "   ›› Kevin

"To me the womans orgasm is THE most fulfilling part of sex the most emotionally meaningful moment. Apart from that (I joined IFM) because of the quality of the images and the attitude of the owners and staff."   ›› Warmtouch

"Its the intimacy and the honest portrayal of everyday (but gorgeous) girls sharing that piece of themselves with you. When I get involved with a girl its not the sex that is the most important part but the intimacy that exists in that moment. This website, along with BA and ISM, are the best that I have seen at being able to express that intimacy."   ›› Will

"The state of mainstream porn has turned me off completelyBA and this site are the only sites that even come close to being perfect."   ›› Shakacholo

"A woman having an orgasm is the most beautiful sight Ive ever seen and the most beautiful sound Ive ever heard Im a great admirer of both BA and IFM, but for me IFM has the edge, since we get to see the whole experience in all its many splendored glory, and always with the feeling that the lady were viewing is doing something she wants to do, and something she enjoys and takes pleasure from. That, to me is sweet, honest and very sexy."   ›› Burlesque

"Im seriously sending emails almost everyday about IFM. This is one of the most intense sites on the web. Its perfect, and the girls get some really amazing shots I mean technically, its like an Italian neo-realist masterpiece And shes masturbating, too. My God, how could anything be better?"   ›› I. Curtis

"Why did I join? Simple. Anything associated with BA and ISM has to be good. I joined without viewing one preview. I knew it would be good. I have not been disappointed."   
›› Tellin

"The appeal of this site specifically for me is feeling like me and all these other folks are going on this big erotic journey together. The community is a big deal for me I enjoy talking about sex with strangers and seeing how they communicate certain aspects of their sexuality."   ›› Gala

"Like many here, I have found the female orgasm, especially through masturbation, one of lifes most erotic experiences My wife has seen the site since I joined a few nights ago, and she likes it as wellShe made the same comment I did when I first found the site, that the artists seem like regular young women who enjoy making beautiful images for all to enjoy. The lighting here enhances the images and the eroticism, and the usual silence other than the breathing and sounds of orgasm only serves to make it better."   ›› Chta

"Ive always had a thing for watching women masturbate and I prefer my porn to be as little objectifying as possible, so this site is a perfect fit for me."   ›› Digitalist

"I could surf for hours trying to find images that appealed to me, It was becoming a big waste of time. Then I came across BA and that was close to perfection then you announced IFM now I am the happiest camper guilt free videos that cater to all my little fantasies and desires. Lots of love for IFM."   ›› Footman2

"This site is a dream, a real dream."   ›› Bodyhead

"The female form is certainly the pinnacle of creation. No matter how small, tall, thin or thick it is, it retains an innate sensuousness that cannot be deniedsexual pleasureis the closest we as human beings can get to experiencing the divine And ladies, all of you who have submitted are truly Goddesses"   ›› Quasi

"I guess I originally joined because I am an avid voyeur. I am so tired of watching plastic women in porn and the girls of IFM appealed to me from the very start. Viewing such natural, gorgeous girls pleasing themselves tantalises every nerve in my body I have learnt soooo much about the female orgasm and masturbation techniques and continue to do so. I have thus incorporated many of them into masturbating my gorgeous partner of ten years since joining I have used techniques which have made her orgasm better than she ever has."   ›› Learning the artform

"The key thing for me is the naturally beautiful girls, and the fact that theyre actually aroused, rather than just pretending to be."   ›› Norpe

"My adoration of the female orgasm in all its variety and complexity knows no bounds. Ordinary adult websites are far too false to even be particularly arousing but in IFM Ive found a site that shows female sexuality in an honest and real way, something thats more erotic than any Adult Channel fakery. What IFM has to offer is stimulating from the neck up as well as the waist down."   ›› PeteUK

"I discovered BA and was very happy with it Then along came IFM. What a treat to experience the whole scene! Even the partially clothed sessions provided more than enough stimulation for my needs. The clear sounds of fingers doing "wet" things is pretty heady stuff to be sure."   ›› HiFlyer601

"I joined this site because I am bisexual and I love watching real women do the thing they love. Every video on this site is exciting and erotic. Most of what you see on other pay sites are women pretending to have orgasms, but this site is just so real and wonderful."   
›› Jessi324

"Im a bisexual woman and Ive always liked feeling myself. IFM is much more satisfying and erotic to me than still pictures, and at the same time, it feels more safe and woman friendly I am also pretty impressed by the forum discussions here a good portion of the threads contain somewhat mature and honest conversations about sexuality, which is sort of rare for the internet Hooray for thinking and getting turned on."   ›› Peoplefancier

" After watching the free clip I got hooked, really hooked, this was the type of erotica I was looking for pure genius!!! I love the honesty, conversations, interactions etc. Its all perfect. Thank you guys for making this happen."   ›› Razmuzz

"I joined after hitting a random link from site I cant even remember now and being confronted with what I knew to be, before Id even explored the trailers, a fundamentally different kind of site. I signed up 30 minutes later. Its the first time Id actually paid in order to witness moving images of sexual activity. I was not disappointed This is work of great beauty in my opinion. It approaches art."   ›› Rufus_Stone

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