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Welcome to is the internet's number one site dedicated to the beauty of authentic female orgasm. If you've landed here you've probably been searching the internet for quality material related to female orgasm, masturbation and female ejaculation - have you been constantly disappointed? Well this is going to be an excellent day - you've finally found what you've been searching for.

The proof is in the viewing. You've seen regular porn, now watch our free show reel and judge for yourself.

You are watching a limited quality video. Videos are larger for paying members.

Authentic Female Orgasms

We're passionate about female masturbation and orgasm. The most important thing about the videos on is authenticity. The orgasms are real. Can we prove that all the orgasms on are real? Obviously not. But think about this - there's two ways you could film female orgasm. Either create a situation where it can happen, naturally and authentic; or fake it, and hope it looks convincing. Everybody else seems to try method 2 and we don't think it works.

female masturbation female masturbation
These are frame grabs from our videos. Click to enlarge to actual video size.

Let's get this straight - we have a lot of respect for the actresses in regular porn - they do a great job in difficult conditions, but whether their orgasm is real is not the director's and producer's main conern. They have a lot of scenes to get through and can't be waiting around to see if she can come for the twelfth time that day with a crew of 12 standing around. What they produce seems to be quite popular with their audience, but for how long do acted sex scenes stay sexy for YOU?

We have created a site where the women you will watch are genuinely engaged in the process of making fine erotica - they value this opportunity to express themselves sexually, and feel relaxed and comfortable masturbating in front of a camera. Watch the 'lucubrations' (interviews) and you'll see what we mean. The ladies talk about their sexual philosophies, their methods, their fantasies and experiences - and about why they love their intimate masturbation experience to be shown on

female masturbation female masturbation
These are frame grabs from our videos. Click to enlarge to actual video size.

How to Film a Real Orgasm

To understand what makes unique, first you have to challenge your idea of what pornography is about. Until now, porn has been made almost exclusively by men, showing women as their sex toys. Their production values are low and the producers are motivated by fast profits. The people in the films are professional adult actors and their skill is in looking beautiful while participating in often degrading and uncomfortable sex acts.

Now think about a woman who is intelligent, sexually confident, and maybe a bit of an exhibitionist. Imagine you are this woman; you like to turn people on, and you aren't at all shy about your body. You have no desire to be a porn star but the idea of letting other people watch the things that you have always been told are sacred and personal, really turns you on. It's because everybody else doesn't do it, that you want to. So what are you going to do - stand on the bar in happy hour and masturbate to make a demonstration of your convictions with performance masturbation? Like all people, you want to feel safe, and respected - so that's probably not the best venue to achieve your ambitions.

Then you come across, and you can see immediately that the women there are dignified, respected, well treated, and well paid.

You decide to help us challenge the stereotypes of pornography and to make a long term commitment to our site. You meet the ladies who help produce the videos, many of who are already on the site. The creator of personally talks to you about the site philosophy, how your video will be used, and why we don't wanted acted masturbation scenes. Once you're satisfied you like what we're doing and trust us to use your image respectfully, you begin your first video shoot, alone in a darkened room with lighting carefully set. High definition cameras are discreetly arranged and the finest microphones are there to capture every nuance.

So what are you going to do, fake your orgasm? And look like an inexperienced porn actress on a site full of honest and sexually explosive women? Which is easier, to have a real orgasm, or fake it?

That's how simple it is. We make beautiful erotica, ethically, and there are plenty of gorgeous ladies of all ages, races and styles who genuinely adore the experience of masturbating in front of a camera.

female masturbation female masturbation
These are frame grabs from our videos. Click to enlarge to actual video size.

How Women Masturbate

As you browse through the hundreds of videos on, you'll see some familiar faces; ladies who come back and contribute two, three, or more times. We choose who to invite back based on the honesty of their first masturbation video, and to some extent, their popularity on the site. Sometimes we're invited into their personal living space to film them exactly how they masturbate alone, in their rooms or other favourite place. Sometimes they invite a partner or friend to film with them - unlike porn producers, we don't pair girls together, we will only film couples who have a pre-existing relationship (or at least a friendship with some sexual tension that needs to be let out.)

These are some of our most popular videos as they are the most honest scenes ever filmed of ladies enjoying their bodies and those of their friends (usually female, sometimes male). The porn cliche of slumber parties turning into masturbation orgies is probably extremely rare in real life, but depending on how liberated your friends are, you might be aware that there ARE plenty of women who masturbate with their friends, and happily get each other off when they feel like it. Men are mostly quite polarised in their sexuality, but for many, many liberated women, the tags 'straight' or 'gay' are meaningless. They just like good sex with good people.

Public Masturbation

Most people masturbate - have a think about some of the places and situations where you've done it. Not everybody's doing it in bed are they? In our Fantasy and Adventure section, ladies explore the more adventurous side of things. Public masturbation, fantasy scenarios, and re-creations of spontaneous situations are just a few examples. We've managed to film ladies in their actual workplaces (with their permission of course) and all sorts of daring places such as aeroplane toilets, department store change rooms, nightclub bathrooms, railway shunt yards and moving cars. But these aren't porn scenarios, they are true stories - we ask all our contributors about their masturbation habits and instead of concocting some ridiculous 'pool guy' situation, we follow them and film their real life experiences.

Daily Orgasm Diary

Some ladies film themselves over a period of days or weeks, in their Orgasm Diary. Our site hostess Gala was the first to do this, but more of her incredible story later. We provide a high definition camera and ask them to not only film each masturbation episode, but also talk to the camera and explain their motivation, what they're thinking about, and how they're feeling. Only one camera angle, no artificial lighting, but the most intimate and beautifully personal, real orgasm films you could ever hope to watch.

Up Close and Personal

The vast majority of the films on are filmed with no crew on site. We do this to give the ladies the space and comfort to really relax and masturbate to intense orgasm as if they were all alone. But occasionally we meet girls/women who are so confident (usually they've already made 3 or 4 videos for us) that they're comfortable masturbating while an operator controls the cameras. You'll find these in the 'Up Close' category. The operator is able to follow the contributor as she changes position, and always be sure the cameras are getting the optimum view. We only invite ladies to film Up Close if we're sure they'll be relaxed enough to achieve an intense orgasm in the circumstances.

female masturbation female masturbation
These are frame grabs from our videos. Click to enlarge to actual video size.

Unusual Masturbation Techniques

In the 4 years we've been producing we've met some amazing people and witnessed some incredible things. Just when you think you've seen it all, somebody comes along with a new story, masturbation technique, or orgasm style that we've never seen before. You don't get these things in standard porn because they intentionally make everything the same. On the contrary, we always like to film new things. There's Bisou, who can only orgasm while riding her bed linen, twisted into a firm rope; Bathory learned to masturbate with her huge plush toy; Cobain likes to use the garden hose or water jets in her jacuzzi. Shari can orgasm just by shimmying along her quilt. Several girls have confessed they often masturbate while driving (don't try that, it's dangerous!) and Gina-Cherie loves to feel three of her boyfriend's fingers in her anus while she masturbates. Magnolia likes to christen a new house by masturbating in every room. We aren't making this up. Watch the interviews. Not all women are like this, but many are, and they are right here on

Female Ejaculation - the Truth

When talk gets to wet pussies and masturbation, the word 'ejaculation' comes up. There are still some narrow minded people who deny this phenomenon, mostly men who prefer to think they have a monopoly on ejaculation. On we discovered our first ejaculator (we don't really like the term 'squirter') in Marina, who left a pizza-sized wet patch on the bed after her first video. And would you believe she apologised for making a mess? Anyone who has enjoyed wet < messy sex knows that far from an apology, congratulations are in order! On researching female ejaculation, we discovered (and this has been backed up statistically now that we've filmed many hundreds of women) that about 5% of women do it regularly, and about 20% occasionally. So as you would expect, there is plenty of female ejaculation on It can be difficult to catch on film, but when we do, it makes for amazing video. Some girls splash - Chica's standing, outdoor masturbation is incredible - some gush, some trickle, and of course, some squirt. And so we have to talk about this.

If you browse the titles in a porn shop or DVD site, you'll find no shortage of 'squirters'. Mostly beautiful, toned, big busted barbie dolls that squirt squirt squirt for as long as the cameraman can stand the drowning. Now you don't need to be a genius to think like a porn producer, who has a budget of $3000 and 3 hours to make a whole DVD of squirting. Are you going to interview hundreds of women and hope to find some who can reliably ejaculate on cue for 3 hours? Or take a handful of your most popular actresses, fill them with water and ask them to pee? We're not saying that's always the case, but pretty much, most of it. Not on

But this is how the controversy about female ejaculation is fuelled. To any woman who actually experiences vaginal ejaculation, the doubters are hugely insulting. We're not talking about ghosts or UFO's here, it's a medically proven fact that some (probably many more than realise) women do ejaculate when highly aroused, and you may have found this out for yourself. You can google the details - we'd rather devote this space to telling you some cool stories.

Gala's Story

Back in 2006 when we were first working out what would be like, before we'd filmed anything, we received a tape sent in to our other web site, On that one, you see just the face of orgasm. We watched as a very cute, almost nerdy girl lay under the camera and proceeded to bring herself to orgasm. Presumably, by masturbating. As she gets close, dark patches suddenly appear on the cushion next to her face. Then some more. Eventually the whole cushion is covered in dark, wet patches. Was it raining? Was somebody mucking about with a water gun? We had to email this girl to find out.

Gala wrote back that no, she was all alone, inside her house, on her couch. What we were seeing was ejaculation. Female ejaculation is not highly unusual, but a girl who ejaculates over her head, that is remarkable! And so we invited Gala to fly half way around the world to make a film for She accepted our offer and had such a great time, she flew home to sell her stuff and came back to work here, and is your gracious hostess as well as one of the site's most prolific and popular contributors. (Read her thoughts here).

female masturbation female masturbation
These are frame grabs from our videos. Click to enlarge to actual video size.

Ethical Porn

By now I hope you have a good idea of how seriously we take real female masturbation, and our mission to document it and make it part of the history of erotica. We dream that one day, all misogynist porn and cheaply made, degrading smut will fade into obscurity as intelligent, discerning people like you turn to sites like and enjoy the experience of genuine, real, natural, honest masturbation to orgasm, and learn a few things about women and how to please them while you're here. Like it or not, porn is the biggest sex educator in the world, and unfortunately nearly all of it is appalling. We ARE changing that.

At we're committed to making ethical porn. There's a misconception that all porn is exploitative, and most women who make it are desperate, seedy people. Over history the same thing has been said about bikini models, dancers, and strippers, and it has always been a myth.

We highly value our contributors, as people, as friends, and also as suppliers. We want them to have a great experience so they come back to make more, and invite their friends to participate too. So we have a code of conduct which says, among other things, that we don't work with people who are desperate or under the influence of any intoxicants; and we don't use money to encourage people who are undecided about whether to participate. We have a cooling off period on all our contracts. And we are the only adult web site (as far as we know) that pays all contributors ongoing per-click bonuses (royalties) as well as the folio fee, which in itself is often above the common industry rate.

Ethics is also central to the nature of our content. If you're going to get your sex ed from porn, then please get it here - your partner will thank you for taking the trouble to understand female orgasm and how to maximise her pleasure. And when to stop.

Are you enjoying the pictures on this page? All these are stills from our high-def videos. Click to enlarge them - that's how big our videos are! (Older videos released before March 2009 are smaller).

female masturbation female masturbation
These are frame grabs from our videos. Click to enlarge to actual video size.

Ifeelmyself - Masturbation Experts

Almost the entire IFM staff is female. Most are contributors on the site. All of us are passionate about quality, honest erotica, and we think it shows in our work. Have a look at the beautiful videos by Bobby, an accomplished photographer with a fine arts degree who loves exploring wastelands of all kinds. She is also the head editor. Chica, whose intense sexuality is never more evident than in her duet with her close friend and our hostess Gala, was our front desk lady for a couple of years before the wide world lured her traveling. (Thankfully she comes back now and then to make more videos). Beautiful Hyperballad revels in her full figured beauty and they don't come any more proud and loud, or vocal about their rights to enjoy their body however they see fit. Cate is now pursuing a career in the fine arts but was a prolific contributor, video editor, and inspiration, with her frank perspectives and awesome stories. Rowen, who worked with us in admin, still loves making her own masturbation videos and has made some of the hottest stuff on

To lighten this page up a bit, let's share some of the information we've learned about female masturbation over the years. These aren't scientifically proven facts, they're anecdotal, assembled from the stories we've heard from contributors and staff. This is what we talk about during the breaks between takes, at the briefing session with new contributors, around the office, and in the pub after work. We talk about masturbation a lot.

10 Observations about Female Masturbation

  1. Observation #1: Most women use spit to lubricate during masturbation. Periodically wetting their fingers is also a great way to taste themselves, and some girls smell and suck their fingers after intense vaginal fingering. (e.g. Dandy, Lailie, Intrigue, Asha, Magnolia, Strawberry)
  2. Observation #2: About 10 percent of women regularly masturbate on their tummy. They may hump a pillow, but mostly they ride on the side of their hand, the knuckle of their index finger. (Shari, dillon, magnolia, amari; Zola uses the nose of a teddy bear). Some women prefer to hump an object, and often that's how they learned to masturbate. (Nita usually uses the arm of a chair, Bathory humps her plush toy.)
  3. Observation #3: About 5% of women like to anally finger while they masturbate. Most of them also like to smell their fingers. (Lexie, Gina Cherie, Cate, Ludo, Viva; Wendy likes to use an anal dildo.)
  4. Observation #4: About half of all women often like to masturbate in daring places such as public spaces, in their car, or in the workplace. The workplace is the most common 'other place' where women masturbate. (Portia, Cate, Dandy, Robyn all masturbate in public spaces on
  5. Observation #5: Most women DON'T simulate intercourse while they masturbate. Dildos are more often used as clitoral stimulators or as an accessory to clitoral stimulation. A small percentage will orgasm while simulating penetration by a penis, using a dildo or their fingers (Asha, Aster, Jamie_Banks).
  6. Observation #6: Most women DON'T talk out loud, squeal, or moan while they masturbate. But some do. (Flora_C, Kesia)
  7. Observation #7: Some girls DO like to watch porn while they masturbate. (Wendy, rouge_soie, alix, spooks_vyxin, jette, amari). Most tell us they prefer girl-girl porn.
  8. Observation #8: Many girls like to use the fabric of their knickers or the seam of their pantyhose to stimulate themselves. (Ludo, Cobain, Madeline, Kylie_H.)
  9. Observation #9: Many women find nipple stimulation helps them orgasm (Robyn, Strawberry, Viva, Chica)
  10. Observation #10: It's not unusual for women to watch themselves masturbate in the mirror. It turns them on to watch themselves. (Lady_Lou, Olive, Foxyred). Sometimes a video camera works just as well.

And so we could go on with amazing true facts and about masturbation and how great we are at filming it, but it is time you found out for yourself. So head on over to and you'll never look back.


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